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The ScopeKnob program is a revolutionary piece of software that allow you to easily create accurate, professional quality, elevation knob tapes for your scope.
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tips page on how to create tapes.

The tape layout is incredibly configurable, with each revolution of the knob layed out on a separate row of numbers. ScopeKnob even comes with a built in Ballistics Module that will calculate the pellet trajectory for you and enter the resulting numbers onto your tape! The Ballistics Module also contains a feature found no where else, guaranteeing the calculated trajectory matches your air rifle as close as possible.

The ScopeKnob main window is comprised of four main areas. On the left is a grid where your yardage information is entered. Each row of numbers corrosponds to a elevation knob click positions. Each column corrosponds to a revolution of the knob. To the top right is the tape preview. This preview can be zoomed in upon. At the middle right are a variety of controls to alter the way your tape is laid out, fonts, colors, optional text, ect.. To the bottom right is a display of all your tapes that are stored in the ScopeKnob database.

As mentioned above, the Ballistics Module is unique in the way it works. This brilliant module will insure that the tape will accurately reflect the tru pellet path. Using thte ballistics module is a two tape process. A try-out tape is first produced, then the results of a three distance shoot is reentered into the module and it takes care of the rest!

After you have printed out your initial tape, you first sight in at the top of the trajectory, (this is where the ballistics module shows a 0 for the dial), and call this your zero point. In this case, it is 28 yards. Now you shoot a closer yardage, like 11 yards and a farther yardage like 55 yards. Record how many elevation clicks from the zero point are needed to hit the target center at the two distances. These click values you enter into the Desired Near Yrdg. and Far Yrdg. windows, and also change the corresponding yardage values in the Quick Watch Windows to the yardages you shot at, (11 and 55).

Then simply click on the two Auto Iterate buttons , and the software adjusts the parameters used in the calculations to match your real world results. All other click values are also recalculated. With a button click, they are then transferred to your tape. Is it accurate? It has to be, because it matches real world values, not theoretical ones!

To purchase ScopeKnob, download and install the software from the link below. The startup window will show you the purchase option, or simply try before you buy!

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