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Online ordering is currently available only through PayPal. Payment can be made through credit card, paypal, or personal check. Please contact me at the email address at the bottom of the page for payment information but most importantly, to verify that your scope/rifle setup has enough clearance for the products ordered. Four inch wheels rarely have clearance issues, most 5" wheel will have no problems either. Six inch, Nautilus, and eccentric wheels can be accomodated if clearance issues arrise by using a modified mounting system.

Shipping is a flat $8.00 for U.S. and Canada or $37.00 International. For lower international shipping options, please contact me for a quote.

Note: The powder coat charge is per order, not per item. To setup an order for powdercoating, select the "Powder Coating" option for one item, and then "Powder Coat as Well" option for those items you wish powder coated as well.

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